Typographic Self-Portrait

A portrait of what I am made by the words of who I am

This typographic self-portrait is constructed with multiple layers of text; the original picture is not present in the final product. For each layer of text I made a shadow layer, which consists of the same text this time in black and lowered by 3 pixels from the original.  The first main layer is the text of The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe, my favorite poem. The second layer I made is the most prominent one. Here I chose words that symbolized who I am: I always ask question, I always want answers, and I always ask why. If this should represent who I am then a Star Trek reference was required for this I chose: “The Final Frontier”. One of the persons I greatly admire in today’s world is Sir Ken Robinson for his views and on creativity. He said something at one of his talk that I thought was truly remarkable: “If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with something original”, this consists of my fourth layer. Finally I needed more text on a smaller font to fill up the details of the picture so I used the Wikipedia entry on the Universe. Throughout all the layers I decided to keep a level of unity hence I only used one font. I varied the size of the text but never the font (Georgia) or the style (Italic).