Getting educated out of creativity

While reading the last pages of McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage I couldn’t stop thinking about his view and opinion on education. I went to high school under the French educational system which is very different from what people are used to here. Like many European education system the French system is borderline antique, it has not changed in its core principles since its creation in 1880. What is being taught obviously changes but the methods and principles behind the teaching has stayed the same. For some reason there is a huge reluctance to adopt modern teaching methods using today’s technology and teaching methods. We are still in a system that ranks different subjects in order importance. For the past centuries that order hasn’t changed, from mathematics to sciences to arts. One would think that in today’s world we are all sufficiently educated to know that some people are dancers and other are researchers. That doesn’t mean one is better than the other they are just two different people. And yes this is still related to technology, because educators consider using ipads in their classes the same things as replacing a math class with a dance class. School is where children are sent to learn, and to flourish, but the truth is that they are barely learning and there are definitely not flourishing. Just by looking at the dropout rates in any modern country one should realize that this is a huge problem. Education and academia are one of those places where changes are rarely welcome, it up to the student to conform to what they are being taught. In essence, we are robbing children and students from their creative capabilities.  And anyone who dares to stay true to who they are classified as problem students and diagnosed with ADHD. Sir Ken Robinson, an internationally recognized leader in the development of education, creativity and innovation once said: “We are educating people out of their creative capacities”.

This refusal to change, to accept new methods of teaching and new technology constitute the greatest threats that are future children will have to face.

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