Technology, Cultural Stupidity and Possible Suffocation

As I was reading the first few pages of McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage I was struck by this idea of specialization. In today’s technological age everyone knows more about what they do and less about everything else. Fifty years ago you might have been fighting for a job with another person, now your are fighting for that same job with a computer. There is no value anymore in being culturally knowledgeable anymore. The only real valuable thing is to ensure that the one task you do you do better than a machine. This mindset and attitude is paving the way for the Human race to devolve into a bunch of bipeds machine that day after day perform the same task over and over again.  In a way we want to be more like computers, which is ironic when you think of the Star Trek android Data.



One has to wonder, why would the creators of a science fiction show set 500 years in the future create an android who’s greatest aspiration in to become more human.

All of this brought back feelings and opinion I usually keep for one of those late Friday evening discussions: technology is evolving that is too fast for us to fully comprehend and understand it.

Think about a child opening his gifts a Christmas morning. Every new toy he opens is better and bigger than the other one. He opens the first one, plays with it for a while, but then notices a bigger gift. He then proceeds to throw away that brand new toy that a minute ago was the best thing in the world, and now, starts playing with the bigger one.  He then sees an even bigger one…

We are all very young and very inpatient, we don’t stop and think about what we just created mainly because we don’t have the time. As soon as a new technology appears another one is right at the corner. The current model that we live in does not let us catch our breath and we don’t stop and breath, suffocation is inevitable.

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